Loan Services

GTCC acts as a catalyst to bring your project financing together. As a Certified Development Company (CDC), we are chartered for the purpose of assisting small and medium-sized businesses in securing favorable, long-term financing to support the growth of a healthy business environment and jobs. Our role is to package, process, close and service SBA 504 loans.

Loans for fixed assets, including land, buildings, equipment, renovations, or expansion are available. We give you access to the bond market for long term debt, so you enjoy financing that is competitive with the largest businesses in the country. We raise the funds by selling debentures in the bond market, at a rate slightly above U.S. Treasuries, and the Small Business Administration (SBA) guarantees the debentures.

Through our network of contacts with economic development organizations, lenders, community leaders, and business service providers, your business can continue to grow. We have a strong statewide reputation for structuring creative financial packages for most types of business. Let us help you create or retain jobs, thereby strengthening your company, increasing the community’s tax base, reducing unemployment, and improving the quality of life in your community.


Borrowers benefit from GTCC’s decades of expertise and experience with the rules, regulations, and policies of lenders and the SBA. Cut “red tape” costs and potential delays by utilizing our professional services. Here’s how we help borrowers:

  • Analyze your funding alternatives and best solutions
  • Prepare application documents to emphasize your business’s strengths
  • Present plans to overcome any weaknesses or deficiencies
  • Introduce your project to lenders who are eager to work with you
  • Work with your lender
  • Coordinate with other agents, including legal advisors, financial advisors and others as needed
  • Make the financing process as smooth and trouble-free as possible
  • Work with the SBA to ensure your loan approval

Lenders can strengthen relationships with clients. GTCC can save you time and uncover solutions to challenging situations. Here’s how we help lenders:

  • Provide high-quality screening, underwriting, and packaging services
  • Work with lenders from first contact through approval by the SBA
  • Support the borrower’s preferred lender
  • Refer borrowers who are looking for a lender
  • Provide SBA expertise to lenders
  • Allow you to reduce risk, manage asset ratios with lower loan amounts, resulting in your ability to say “yes” and win business
Financial Professionals

CPAs, commercial real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, financial planners, and business consultants can rely on GTCC to provide a no-nonsense assessment of clients’ situations. Here’s how we help financial professionals:

  • Identify strengths of client companies
  • Provide steps to minimize weaknesses or deficiencies
  • Simplify the application-to-approval process
  • Expedite the process for quick turnarounds
  • Close deals with our excellent approval rate
  • Provide expertise based on training and experience with the complex regulation and lending environment
Economic Development Agencies

Cooperation among local economic development groups, private-sector lenders, financial advisors, and GTCC, a certified development corporation, can empower your community. Here’s how we help economic development agencies:

  • Target creation or retention of one job for every $65,000 loan we make
  • Increase loan placements to stimulate economic growth
  • Seek to generate loans and create more jobs in rural and under-served areas
  • Provide information about the SBA and its interest in helping growing companies
  • Educate professionals through seminars and expositions
  • Assist or support your efforts to attract or retain companies in your community
  • Work closely with Chambers of Commerce, economic development groups, Small Business Development Centers, incubators, colleges, and universities

The GTCC Advantage

Expertise – Our staff has the knowledge and experience to assist in every aspect of small business financing. Our management team has provided SBA loan services for over two decades, helping hundreds of small businesses achieve their financing goals. We are large enough that we have seen almost every type of financing structure, but small enough that we will know you and your project thoroughly with a “hands-on” approach.

Communication – We strive to keep our borrowers, lending partners, and referral sources updated throughout the entire loan process. We are readily accessible at all times to assist with every aspect of your qualification, application, approval, and funding process.

Specialization – While we have knowledge of various forms of government guaranteed lending, we focus our attention on the SBA 504 product and are not distracted by offering multiple loan products. While no two projects are alike, this allows us to expedite loan requests efficiently throughout the process while at the same time being able to tackle even the most difficult and complex projects.