Diamond Doctor

Wholesale Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

Diamond Doctor was established in 2003 and is one of the largest retailers of diamonds in Texas and throughout the country. The Diamond Doctor is “the official jeweler of the Dallas Cowboys” and is a frequent advertiser on local DFW radio, with endorsements from many media and sports celebrities.

Diamond Doctor had been renting space in a 2,200 square foot office building with restricted visibility and access. GTCC and the partnering bank provided funds to purchase a 6,960 square foot building along with improvements and equipment. The new location will allow them to manufacture and manage operations more efficiently, and more than double their sales due to greater visibility and access,

“Greg Dunn is absolutely terrific. Before I embarked on the loan process everyone told me that it would be a hassle and that it would be cumbersome. But my mortgage broker (who knows Greg) and I talked and we agreed that the loan terms were worth it. I was very surprised when the process turned out to be seamless and easy. In fact, the loan was the easiest part of this entire transaction! I can also say that Greg has a great working relationship with the bank and my loan would have never happened without Greg’s active involvement. Greg truly helped me fulfill something that (more than once) was slipping away. They really couldn’t do anything better – they already over-delivered by 1000%!”

—David Blank, Diamond Doctor