Defense Academy and Gun Range

After working for almost 3 years and investing everything they had, David and Sarah Vaught knew it was time to seek financing to make their vision of a full service self defense facility come to life.

That’s when GTCC stepped in and introduced them to a bank and a bridge lender to help structure their transaction. The lenders really liked the concept and worked quickly to put things in motion. Watch the video above to see how GTCC aided in bringing these entrepreneurs vision to fruition.

After a very frustrating and disappointing experience with our first financing attempt, Greg Dunn with GTCC assured us that he would find us a lender. And he did, with the very first bank he introduced us to. They came out, saw what we were doing. They loved it and said that they were in. It’s been a long road, but we are 100% confident that we have the right team with the bank and GTCC helping us put this all together.

-David Vaught, Owner

Partnering Bank:

  • Texas First Bank
  • Lincoln Capital Management

GTCC Team:

  • Rhonda Goldthorn
  • Jessi Crawford
  • Greg Dunn

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